Jenifer, Jasper County

In 2012, Jenifer’s husband Cory was hit and killed by a police officer racing to a domestic abuse call. The officer never saw Cory or his motorcycle until he looked under the bumper of his SUV. Cory died on impact and Jenifer, his wife, was left alone to raise their three children, ages 6, 2 and 1. Luckily, her children qualified for Medicaid and were able to receive health care. In 2014, Jenifer found a lump in her breast. She feared the worst, and didn’t want her kids to grow up without either parent. A mammogram revealed Jenifer had cancer. Once the cancer developed to stage 2, she qualified for Medicaid through a program that insures women with breast cancer. Jen says, “Without Medicaid, I am sure that I would be dead.” Since that time, Jen has undergone dozens of chemo and radiation treatments, as well as a complete mastectomy. Although she is not done with treatment, she is now cancer free. Her children will never know their dad but they won’t lose their mom. Medicaid saved Jen’s life and helped her when she needed it most.