Janet and Stacy, West Plains

Janet and Stacy moved to West Plains 15 years ago, where they create artwork that they sell at art fairs across the country in addition to raising animals. The recession hurt their income so badly they were forced to drop their $1,400/month health care insurance.

“Without insurance for years, we almost never went to the doctor for fear they’d find something wrong.” -Stacy

They went without insurance for five years. Thanks to the Marketplace, they were able to find health insurance for $100/month each, with a prescription benefit as well.

With insurance, Janet was able to make a doctor’s appointment for the first time in years this past January. As a result, she had a recommended colonoscopy that cost almost $5,600, an amount she never could have afforded before. They both feel their Marketplace plans give them the ability to make regular health care affordable.

“The fear of one of us getting sick was always there- a huge stress.” -Janet.