Jamie, Potosi

Jamie is a 30-year old mother of five children, living in Potosi. She is a survivor of domestic violence who stayed in a homeless shelter in order to escape her ex-husband, but is now back in our own home. Her ex-husband is in prison, where he can access free health care, but Jamie is uninsured.

Jamie works full-time in home health care and as well as two part-time jobs. She also volunteers with local civic organizations and is an active member of her church. She has an Associate’s degree in business management, an accounting certificate and is working toward her Bachelor’s degree.

She is in the Medicaid gap and uninsured.

Jamie has back damage resulting from the domestic violence. They only way to fix it is with surgery that she can’t afford. Recently, the pain is getting worse and spreading; Jamie’s left leg is numb every morning when she wakes up. Jamie has been told that she could legally apply for disability, but she doesn’t want to do that. Medicaid Expansion would help Jamie get healthier so she can finish her education, get a better job, and be the best mom possible for her kids.