Isabel, Joplin

When Isabel visited a low-income clinic in Joplin to renew their birth control, an exam revealed that they have a tennis-ball-sized cyst on one of their ovaries. The doctor explained that without an expensive biopsy, he was unable to rule out the cyst as malignant. However, to avoid the risk of the cyst rupturing, Isabel’s doctor suggested removing the entire ovary.

Without insurance, Isabel – a 22-year-old Joplin resident – is left with a tough financial decision. Isabel doesn’t have the means to pay for a $11,000 surgery to remove their ovary, but if the ovary stays, Isabel will continue to experience pain and the looming possibility of ovarian cancer and a ruptured cyst. Isabel does not qualify for Medicaid in Missouri and cannot afford private insurance, putting them in the Medicaid gap. With no other options for funding their surgery, Isabel started a Go Fund Me campaign.