Haji, Jefferson County

Haji, a 44-year-old resident of Festus, Mo has not had insurance for about 10 years. Haji has type 2 diabetes which requires medicine that he has trouble affording. As he states, “there is just no way I can afford insurance right now”. Since he lost his health insurance after losing a job, his health has declined due to the inability to get the pricey medicine no longer covered by health insurance. Haji does not qualify for Medicaid but could if Missouri expanded the program.

Haji mentions how this situation impacts m any aspects of his life. “It’s a constant worry. I need to maintain my health. ” When asked what Medicaid expansion would mean for him and his family, Haji states, “this would instantly lower stress in my life. The constant struggle for medicine consumes so much time, sometimes it’s all I can do”.