Geneva, St. Clair County

Geneva is 46 years old and lives in St. Clair County. She is uninsured but has several chronic illnesses for which she needs regular care and medication including avascular necrosis in her joints. Geneva has no children so she is ineligible for Medicaid no matter her income. Her health concerns prevent Geneva from working full-time, so she now relies on any money she can get cleaning friends’ houses.

In October of 2017, her doctor told her she couldn’t wait any longer to have a hip replacement because her bone was dying due to blood loss. Geneva got the surgery but now has a $15,000 medical bill with no way to pay it. Her knees are affected by the same problem which causes her right knee to collapse often. She doesn’t know if the hospital will allow her a second surgery because of the balance she currently owes. She is considering filing for bankruptcy but still is concerned that the clinics and hospitals in her town will dismiss her because of her history of medical debt. If Missouri expanded Medicaid to include adults with no children, Geneva would finally be able to access the surgeries she needs to stay mobile.