G.L.M., St. Louis

G.L.M. is a retired artist and teacher living in St. Louis. She was diabetic for 31 years, and after going through a divorce, she lost her health insurance. She was temporarily on COBRA continued coverage. Then, while on Medicare, G.L.M. received a kidney and pancreas transplant. Following her transplants, G.L.M. was required to continue on many expensive medications. Right as her Medicare was about to run up, G.L.M. was able to get covered through the Marketplace. She qualified for assistance and was able to get a Coventry Silver plan for $162 a month. Before the assistance, her premium would have been $600 per month. G.L.M. says, “Without the insurance I got through Obamacare, I would die. Thank goodness for it.” She is extremely happy with her plan, which allows her to visit her doctors without issue and pay for medication.