Evren, St. Louis

Evren was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis at a young age and relies on medication to reduce joint pain and inflammation. They were unexpectedly kicked off of their mother’s insurance at age 19. Since then, Evren has had brief periods of having insurance but has largely remained uninsured. They do not qualify for Medicaid and when they applied for Marketplace insurance, their premiums were so high they couldn’t sign up for it, thus leaving them in the coverage gap. Without insurance, Evren’s medication for their psoriatic arthritis is about $4,600 per month. They submitted documentation to the drug manufacturer to procure one years’ worth of free medication but they don’t know what they will do when that runs out.

Additionally, Evren takes an anti-depressant that requires six month check ins with a physician. While Evren has found a short term fix to getting their medication affordably, they are not sure that they will be able to afford a visit to the doctor, which can be upward of $90, in order to get refills. When asked what Evren wants people to know about the coverage gap they state, “Everybody is dealing with this. Kids are at risk; people are dying because a few people in charge just want money. People in the coverage gap could look like anything. We are trying to navigate and fight a system that doesn’t care”.