Emily, St. Louis County

Emily and her husband live in St. Louis County with their two daughters. While Emily receives affordable health care through her employer, her husband works as an adjunct professor at three different universities but receives no benefits. Emily’s husband turned to the Marketplace for insurance but was denied tax credits despite the fact that their family income qualifies them for financial assistance. This problem is known as the Family Glitch. In order to apply for tax credits, Emily’s husband has to record that he is eligible for insurance through his spouse’s employer, and it costs $50 for the employee to be covered by the plan. This automatically caused Emily’s husband to be ineligible for tax credits because the law deems this coverage affordable. It fails to take into account the real cost of adding Emily’s husband to the plan is $420 per month, not the $50 that Emily pays. Emily’s husband settled for the best option available, an Anthem silver plan that costs $342 per month. If the Family Glitch were fixed, he would receive the tax credits reducing his payment to $250 per month. For families like Emily’s, help from tax credits would go a long way to make health coverage affordable.