Eailene, Adair County

51 year old, Eailene, lives in Adair County with a roommate. She currently works full time in private home care, and is insured through the ACA’s Marketplace. Nine years ago Eailene was diagnosed with cancer, which she was able to receive treatment through her previous insurance under a former employer. However, Eailene’s health was believed to be at risk because of her work environment at the hospital. Eailene’s cancer went into remission, but she no longer worked at the hospital and therefore no longer had any insurance. Three years later, Eailene noticed there was something wrong. She explains, “I knew something was wrong for about 8 months…When you can’t afford to get anything done, you just suffer.”

It was not until Eailene was finally taken to the hospital that she was told her appendix was ruptured, and the doctors feared for her life. “They thought I was going to die…it was just horrible…” Eailene did get better but was soon burden with the very costly hospital bill since she did not have any insurance to offset the costs. Today, Eailene is insured under one of the Marketplace plans and is happy to be insured, “I’m insured – something better than nothing.”