E.P., Polk County

E.P. is a 36-year-old wife, mother, and small-farm owner from Polk County. Her husband is insured through his work, and her children through Medicaid. But, her husband’s workplace does not offer coverage for spouses. She cannot afford a private plan and is thus left uninsured. For E.P. to be eligible for Medicaid, her family’s household income would have to be at or less than $6,190 per year. For her to receive subsidies on the Federal marketplace, her family’s household income would need to be at or greater than $32,580 per year. Their income is $20,000 per year. While she has been very fortunate to remain “extraordinarily healthy” and not need much medical care, E.P. would like to have regular checkups and preventative care. She is also aware of the impact that a health emergency could have on her family. The family owns their cars, house, and land. All of these things enable them to stay secure financially. But, E.P. says, “Emergency room charges would devastate my household.” If our state were to expand Medicaid, E.P. would have access to affordable insurance and would no longer have to worry that one accident or health crisis could leave her family destitute.