Diane, St. Francois County

Diane is in her late 40’s and has 3 young children she stays home to care for. Now that her youngest is in kindergarten, she hopes to find work outside the home. Diane has a chronic health condition that affects her inner ear, and she is uninsured. Without access to medical care, Diane can’t be the mom she wants to be. It also makes it hard for her to seek employment. She needs to be healthy in order to take care of her kids properly.

Diane would gain health insurance if Missouri were to expand Medicaid. Until then, she is forced to go without care. She says, “It’s very frustrating. I don’t think they clearly understand how important it is for a mother to be healthy. Even when you fly on an airline they tell you to put your mask on before your child’s. If something happens to me, what is going to happen to my kid? I am not just asking for a handout. I worked for more than 20 years and my employer paid into Medicaid on my behalf. I need help.”