Diana, Greene County

Diana lives in Greene County with her two children. She currently works part-time as an in-home aid and is uninsured. Although Diana is able to maintain a job, she describes her income as just enough to support her and her family. “We live very minimally…You do what you got to.” Diana lives with the pre-existing conditions of diverticulitis, a disease that attacks the digestive tract, and arthritis. Diana has other serious symptoms she is unable to have treated or diagnosed since she cannot afford insurance. “It really frightens my children because they know my condition…but I get up and go to work every day…you have to.” With Medicaid expansion, Diana would not have to worry about balancing work and her health.

“Someone in my situation, who works and works, and does not get insurance…it’s scary especially to someone at my age. I need that security – just to know that it is there…I think it needs to be heard that some of us has fallen through the crack.”