Courtney, St. Louis County

Courtney lives in St. Louis County with her significant other and their three children. When Courtney’s youngest child was born with special needs three years ago, she quit her full-time job so she could better attend to her daughter’s needs. She’s managed to patch together several adjunct teaching positions and contract work that give her family a comfortable income and the flexibility she was looking for. After exhausting COBRA, she and two of her children purchased coverage on the private market. Her youngest was uninsurable, but they were able to buy a plan for her in the HIP. They turned to the Marketplace because HIP was ending. Although the application process through was frustrating, Courtney feels very fortunate and grateful for the ACA. Not only does the Marketplace offer coverage to her child who was previously uninsurable, but Courtney also notes that the quality of the plan is better than what she had before. Maternity care is now covered, and there were no “upcharges” for other conditions like ear tubes for another one of her children.