Christine, St. Louis

Christine, 62, lives in St. Louis City. She assumed the role of full-time caregiver in 2008 when her mother’s physical health and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s demanded round-the-clock attention. Her mother is not wealthy and would be dependent on Medicaid for nursing home care without the in-home care her daughter provides.

For decades, as a successful entrepreneur, Christine could afford insurance, but only an expensive and unreliable hospital/surgical policy was available to her. And now, without an income, she has exhausted her savings and no longer has the resources for proper treatment of her hypertension, diabetes, and hypothyroidism. The cost of medical consultation, high-quality medications, and testing is prohibitive. She emphasizes, “I am anxious that something will happen that would prevent me from taking care of my mom.” If Missouri expands Medicaid, Christine will be able to take care of her health and stop worrying that an unexpected event will cause her to lose her home and incur large medical bills.