Chalea, Springfield

Chalea suffers from multiple serious health conditions including an autoimmune disorder and type 2 diabetes. Neurological complications from her health issues have nearly left her blind, but that’s only one of the many complications she juggles every day. Unfortunately, Chalea is uninsured and unable to get the treatment she needs to manage her health problems because she falls into the Coverage Gap. Chalea was covered by Medicaid when she was living in Illinois but moved to Missouri for work.

After living in Missouri without health coverage, Chalea has seen her health problems get worse and worse. She’s at the point now where she can no longer work. If Missouri had expanded Medicaid, Chalea might have been able to avoid such a dramatic deterioration in her health and continued working. Chalea’s hope is to get her symptoms to a manageable place and ensure a secure future for her family. When reflecting on her situation she said, “People would be so much more productive if they had the medical care that would allow them to live and work. I often have to choose…my diabetes meds, my blood pressure meds, or meds for my kids.”