Carrie, Barton County

Carrie is a full-time caregiver to her husband, a retired Marine veteran who is severely disabled. Her husband suffers from a traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and social anxiety. He also has physical disabilities and has had a triple bypass surgery. Although his health care is covered by the VA, transportation costs are high and make it difficult for him to see his specialists. He misses most of his appointments simply because he cannot afford to pay the costs of getting to the doctor. Unfortunately, Carrie sustained an injury that has caused physical health complications. Although she had insurance at the time of her injury, out-of-pocket costs were still enormous. After paying for the care she needed, she and her husband lost almost everything, including their home and Carrie’s health insurance. They have not recovered financially or physically. She needs further tests and surgery, but she is going without them because she has no means of paying for the care. Carrie says,

“It is terrible that I have to put off getting the medical care I need because everything we have is going towards our basic needs, housing, utilities, and food. It takes a toll on the family and puts a lot of pressure on me.”

If Medicaid was expanded in Missouri, Carrie could finally receive the medical care she needs.