Carly, St. Louis City

Carly is a St. Louis native, but never expected to move back to the city after graduating from college. Her move back home was prompted by the passing of her mother, Julie, in 2014. The year before, Julie had been experiencing some mild symptoms that prompted a visit to the doctor, who told her that she had high blood pressure. Julie was uninsured at the time and had always worried about medical bills piling up. Because of this fear, Julie was unable to follow up with her doctor and receive the medication she needed to treat her high blood pressure, leading to her tragic passing from an aneurysm. Carly even remembers her own grandmother saying that her daughter Julie could not go to the hospital because the bills would be too high. Now, Carly is staying in Missouri to make sure that no one else has to lose a loved one because they were unable to afford the care they needed.