C.J., St. Louis

C.J. is a personal trainer in her 30s. Recently she tore her hip flexor muscle. This was a significant injury for her because she needs to be at full strength to earn money as a personal trainer. Luckily, C.J. was insured through the marketplace which allowed her to quickly get the specialized care she needed so that she could resume working full time. C.J. is fortunate to be able to purchase insurance through the marketplace because her employer does not offer health insurance. The financial security that being insured through the marketplace has brought is important to her because maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being a personal trainer comes with a high risk of injury. When she gets hurt she needs to be able to receive treatment quickly so that she may resume earning money. C.J. plans to purchase insurance through the marketplace again next year and she hopes that she can find a plan that includes her doctor of 18 years.