Brian, St. Charles

Brian, 47, is a writer from St. Charles County. Last year was the first time in many years that he was able to afford health insurance. With $125 in tax subsidies, he was paying an affordable amount of $155 in monthly premiums.

Unfortunately, his telemarketing company downsized and he was laid off. Without an income, he is about to lose his discount, and he cannot afford to buy an insurance plan on his own. Without insurance, he will not be able to get proper treatment for the two bulging discs in his back, arthritis in his hips and back, and the worsening abscess in his mouth. With recurring pain in his mouth and back, some days are difficult for him and he cannot get out of bed.

Despite the unexpected end of his telemarketing career, he is ready to start his life back up, pursue a career in writing, and is actively pursuing new avenues to get published. Brian fears that an unexpected event could be a major setback for him and his new career. If Missouri expands Medicaid, Brian will be able to take care of his health and stop worrying that an unexpected event will push him back instead of moving forward.