Brandy, West Plains

Brandy is a 35-year-old woman currently living in West Plains, MO. She is the mother of three children, but lives with her boyfriend and takes care of his two children as well. She is recently unemployed and has lost her health insurance. Her five children are covered through Medicaid, but she and her boyfriend have no access to insurance. The two have some dental problems and are afraid of what might happen if they can’t afford insurance. They previously had to go to the hospital, because her boyfriend was having chest pains. Since they have no insurance to cover the costs, the hospital has begun garnishing his income check. This check is the sole source of income right now for the family of five and only amounts to about $1520 per month. Even going to the low-income doctor’s office is costly for their family. Brandy hopes that she will find a job soon, but is nervous about having no insurance for the time being.