Brad, Washington County

Brad lives in Washington County. Several years ago, before the Affordable Care Act was enacted, Brad’s comfortable lifestyle dissolved with the onset of the Great Recession. He did not qualify for Medicaid and could not afford a private health care plan. Fortunately, Brad was able to enroll in Medicaid when his young nephew became his dependent. He had noticed that the birthmark on his leg was changing color. With his sudden access to health care, Brad decided to get the spot checked. The doctor determined that it was pre-melanoma. Within a week, Brad had surgery to remove the mark. He attributes his life to the Medicaid program and is a strong advocate for expansion.

When Brad’s nephew turned 18 and was no longer considered a dependent, he lost his Medicaid coverage. He went without any kind of coverage for two and a half years. Recently, he enrolled in a subsidized insurance plan through the federal marketplace. He is thankful to have coverage again.