Bert, Joplin

Bert recently found himself unemployed when he was laid off from his labor-intensive job. Bert takes care of both his parents who have financial and medical problems of their own. Bert is currently insured through COBRA but his unemployment recently ran out and he’ll soon find himself struggling to make the monthly premium payments.  Due to his long career in labor-intensive jobs, he has back, knee and hip issues that require medication along with high cholesterol. He’s currently spending upwards of $500 on maintaining his health, and explains, “I’m just overwhelmed by it all – I pray to God every night that something is going to work out with these interviews so that I can have income coming in to live.” Bert says that without Medicaid Expansion, “Soon I’ll have to start selling things I’ve built up over my life just to live and survive.  I can’t give up, just gotta keep going.  Giving up is not an option.”