Anthony, West Plains

Anthony and his wife, Kristy, live in West Plains with their four children. Anthony has two Associate’s degrees and works as much as he can, but must also take care of his wife who is living with significant mental illness related to Schizophrenia. Anthony was recently working at a furniture store until his wife ended up in the hospital for a few days. As a result, he had to be home to help her recover which led him to lose his job. It’s hard for Anthony to keep full-time work and maintain his duties to protect and keep his family safe. Without a reliable job and source of income, Anthony is unable to get affordable health insurance.

Anthony’s family depends on him, and if he could get coverage through Medicaid, their family would be more secure. “I can’t just go to the doctor when I need to,” Anthony says. “If I have a health issue, my wife worries even more.”