Angela, Washington County

Angela lives with her four children in Washington County. Almost nine years ago, Angela was involved in a serious car accident that crushed three vertebrae in her spine. Since then, Angela has required medical treatment for arthritis and is treated for asthma. The amount of pain Angela experiences because of her arthritis is treatable only by prescribed medication. She is unable to qualify for Medicaid, because she receives disability for two of her children as well as child support. Angela’s 13-year-old son suffers from bipolar disorder, ADHD, asthma, and is autistic, while her 15-year-old daughter is severely asthmatic. Without properly prescribed medication for her arthritis, it is a struggle for Angela to engage in the day-to-day activity without being confined with pain.

Battling every day with arthritis not only takes a toll on her body but also her ability to “keep up” with her children. Angela would have access to the medication she requires only if Missouri expanded Medicaid. Although getting the proper medication Angela needs cannot cure her crippling pain, it would provide her with an opportunity to be able to work and get through the day with a lot less pain.

“Not having [medication] for your arthritis is a daily battle … Not being able to go to the doctor when you are sick or in pain is hard.”