Amanda, Cape Girardeau

In September of this year, Amanda was informed by the state of Missouri that she made too much money to continue her healthcare coverage. She is a single mom working part-time, making $423 a month. In order to keep her coverage for a family of two, she can only make $310 a month because of Missouri’s incredibly low Medicaid income eligibility limit. No one can live on $423 a month, much less $310, yet our state is leaving low and moderate income Missourians to fend for themselves—with no viable option for health coverage if they are making between $2,900 and $17,000 per year. A quarter of a million Missourians are living—and dying—in this coverage gap. In October of this year, a test Amanda’s had done came back abnormal. Now, a month after losing her coverage, she is told that she must have a biopsy done to see if she has cancer. She doesn’t know how she will pay for these tests, much less treatment if she does have cancer.