Adam, St. Louis County

Adam is 40 years old and lives in Ferguson Missouri. He recently graduated from Southwestern Illinois College with an Associates degree and intends to pursue a career in exercise science. While he was in school, Adam was enrolled in Medicaid and was receiving decent medical care. This was important since he has high blood pressure that requires medication and sleep apnea, which requires a sleeping mask. About a year ago, Adam said he felt that his doctor began checking in less and less. That was when he realized he was no longer covered under Medicaid. Without insurance, Adam could not afford his medication and had his sleep mask taken away. Adam currently works small janitorial and clerical jobs, where he earns less than $10,000 a year. However, he is looking for something more stable that pays more. Adam says he is luckily still in relatively good health, but if he does not treat his high blood pressure and sleep apnea, they will become more severe issues in the future.