A.D., Jackson County

A.D. had not needed to see a doctor in over 30 years except for her regular checkups. However, in late October, she found herself in and out of the hospital for three weeks with a very serious and life-threatening condition. She was without insurance at the time. Fortunately, she received the care she needed to get her health under control, and she happened to know the doctor who was treating her in the ICU. He wrote off his part of her hospital bill, but the rest of her screenings and surgeries were paid for out of pocket. She realized that, with her new complications, health insurance was imperative. With the help of a very thorough navigator, A.D. found a “wonderful” Marketplace plan. She did not think that she was going to qualify for subsidies, but she did! Her medications are very affordable with her plan. She notes, “I am relieved. I am thankful. I couldn’t complain about it at all.”