Lose Your Job, Your Kids Go Hungry

HB 1486 Means Missouri Kids Go Hungry

Missouri legislators are considering a bill that would require participants in the SNAP (food stamps) program to meet “busy-work” requirements or lose their services. What these bills would actually do is cause Missourians to lose food access to food when they need it most.

HB 1486 (Kelly, R-Mountain Grove) would require people to meet “busy-work” requirements in order to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits – formerly known as food stamps.

SNAP is a lifesaving program for vulnerable Missourians. Most food stamp recipients are children and the elderly, and 83% of all SNAP benefits go to households with at least one child, senior, or disabled person.

Most adults who participate in the SNAP program already work. However, this bill will burden all participants: Even those who meet the busy-work requirements or are exempt will be burdened by more paperwork and fear of losing their access to food due to bureaucratic errors.