Speak out against insurance rate hikes!

Help us tell the Department of Insurance that Missourians can’t afford health insurance premium increases of 36%, 42%, or even 73%.

Read on for an explanation and instructions!

Thanks to the rate review law Missouri passed last year, this is the first year the Missouri Department of Insurance has the authority to review the proposed health insurance rates on the exchange! Three companies will be offering insurance plans on the exchange: Cigna, Healthy Alliance (Anthem), and Celtic (Centene).

Cigna and Healthy Alliance have proposed huge rate increases for 2018. Cigna wants to increase its average premium by 42%, and Healthy Alliance wants to increase by 36%. Some individual plans could increase as much as 73%. Missourians can’t afford these increases.

Our partners at the Consumer’s Council of Missouri (CCM) found that the rate increases are based on unreasonable and incomplete assumptions. Together with CCM, we are calling upon the Missouri Department of Insurance to deem the rate increases proposed by Cigna and Healthy Alliance unreasonable and without proper justification.

We need your help! Please submit YOUR comments to the Missouri Department of Insurance before the comment period ends on October 1st. The Department needs to hear from real Missourians.

Submitting comments takes a few steps but it’s not hard, and it’s super important. Here’s how to submit your comments by October 1:

1. Visit https://filingaccess.serff.com/sfa/home/MO

2. Click the Begin Search button








3. Accept the Terms of Agreement

4. Search for the Insurer:

To comment on Cigna Health’s proposed rate increase of 41.97%, enter CCGH-131008069 into the SERFF Tracking Number search box

To comment on Healthy Alliance’s proposed rate increase of 36.1%, enter AWLP-131118488 into the SERFF Tracking Number search box










5. Click the Search button.

6. Click the result that appears.










7. Click the Submit Comment button and

8. Write a message about how these huge rate hikes would impact your families or other Missourians. Encourage the Department to deem the rate increases “unreasonable.”

9. Click “Submit” and you’re done!

For greatest impact, please go through this process twice in order to submit comments on BOTH Cigna and Healthy Alliance.

10. E-mail Jackie at mohealth@mohealthcareforall.org and let us know you submitted your comments.

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