MHCFA is Seeking Board Members

Missouri Health Care for All is seeking Board members to help us advance our principle that every Missourian deserves quality, affordable health care.

Board Members Wanted

Who We Are

Missouri Health Care for All is a statewide, non-partisan, movement committed to securing access to affordable, high-quality health care choices for all Missourians.

We focus on informing, engaging, mobilizing and empowering thousands of grassroots supporters and impacted consumers throughout the state. In addition, we engage in policy and lobbying work in the Capitol to ensure that the needs and voices of the grassroots are regularly represented. We have established a track record of effectiveness, including both advancing good health care policies and blocking bad ones.

At this time, we are working hard to better live out our values by becoming an actively anti-racist organization. Both our Board and our Staff are looking closely at all aspects of our work, from policy priorities to community partnerships to internal practices, to identify how we can become a more inclusive, multiracial, antiracist organization. We expect this will be a multi-year, in fact perpetual, effort, and are seeking Board candidates who are enthusiastic about participating in these efforts. Fundamentally, we cannot ever achieve universal access to health care without addressing the structural racism on which our current health care system was built.

We are led by a volunteer Board of Directors, a team of 10+ statewide staff, and grassroots leaders working in their local communities.

Wanted: Board Members

We are seeking Board candidates who are passionate about expanding access to health care in Missouri, and who want to participate in our evolution to advocating for health care through a racial equity lens. While we welcome all applications, we are currently particularly seeking candidates who identify as Black and/or people of color, who live in Missouri regions outside of St. Louis, and/or who have had personal experiences with Missouri’s health care system.

About our Board of Directors

Missouri Health Care for All’s Board of Directors serves our organization’s guiding group. Because of the statewide, grassroots nature of our organization, many of our Board members also choose to volunteer in their local communities. Our goal is to have a statewide board that is truly diverse, reflecting our state’s diversity in geographic location, religion, racial background, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and ability. We also seek Board members who are or have been personally impacted by our health care system.

Board members serve for three-year terms, with term limits of six years (two terms).

Expectations of Board Members

The time commitment for board members is approximately 5-10 hours per month.

In normal times, Board meetings are held six times a year on the third Tuesday of the month (unless a major conflict arises), with a mixture of in-person and virtual gatherings.

Our standard meeting schedule is as follows:

  • January – Conference/Video Call
  • March – In-Person, Jefferson City/Columbia
  • April – Conference/Video Call
  • June – Annual 2-day Board retreat, St. Louis
  • September – Conference/Video, Jefferson City/Columbia
  • November – Conference/Video, Jefferson City/Columbia

Most board calls and meetings are held between 10 am – 2 pm.

At this time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Board activities are being conducted via Zoom, email, and/or conference call. We value our leaders’ health and safety and anticipate this being our practice for the foreseeable future.

In addition to attending monthly meetings, we ask Board members to:

  • Actively participate in discussions and decisions about the direction of the organization
  • Help grow our movement by networking with potential Missouri Health Care for All supporters
  • Positively represent Missouri Health Care for All in the community
  • Provide monthly oversight of the Missouri Health Care for All’s finances (fiduciary responsibility)
  • Help with fundraising efforts, including making a personal financial gift each year
  • Participate in Board Committees or Workgroups
  • Volunteer for local and statewide programming as appropriate

Please follow the link to read our Board of Directors Commitment Policy, signed annually by all Board members: MISSOURI HEALTH CARE FOR ALL BOARD COMMITMENT POLICY

Applying for Board Membership

Our Board of Directors is seeking applicants for Board service. To help us elect the best possible slate for the organization, interested potential board members are asked to submit a short application. We will review all of the received applications and nominate a slate that brings the greatest strength possible to the board.