Provider Networks in the Missouri Health Insurance Marketplace

One of the questions we hear most frequently is which health care providers and hospitals are covered by the insurance plans in the Marketplace. This information has been hard to access through the Marketplace website and other sources, in part because it is still in flux.

While we have heard that there are still being changes made to the provider networks in the insurance plans, we do have information about the networks for the Coventry plans being sold on the Marketplace.

To find out which providers are currently covered by the Coventry plans being sold on the Missouri Health Insurance Marketplace:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Enter Provider Search” in the middle of the page.
  3. Select the plan you are looking at to search for physicians and hospitals. Coventry offers Marketplace plans with two different networks:
    1. “Carelink from Coventry Network.” These are lower-priced plans with narrower networks. In St. Louis, these plans do not cover Washington University/BJC physicians; they do cover Mercy and SSM physicians and hospitals.
    2. “CoventryOne PPO Network.” These are higher-priced plans with larger networks, including Washington University and BJC physicians in St. Louis.

Another way to find out whether your favorite provider will be covered is to call their office and ask. Most offices know which insurance plans they will be accepting.

For as long as there have been insurance plans, there have been provider networks that change, and that is the case today. Please remember that these networks may change. However, we hope the information we have will make it easier for people who have doctors they like to select a plan that is likely to include those providers.