8 things you can do to expand health care access in the new year

2014 is here, the Missouri legislature is back in session, and we lots to do to ensure that all Missourians have access to quality affordable health care. Read on for eight easy ways to participate in our grassroots movement.


1. Visit the Missouri Insurance Marketplace
Check out the new coverage options and find out if you qualify for a discount on your insurance. Shop the Marketplace at healthcare.gov or use this calculator for an estimate of prices and discounts available to you. Enrollment is open until March 31.

2. Talk about the Affordable Care Act
With the holidays behind us, it’s a great time to educate friends and coworkers about the benefits of the new law.  Women can no longer be charged more for simply being a woman. You cannot be denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition. And financial help is available for many Americans to help cover the costs of coverage. Click here to learn about these benefits and more.

3. Add your photo to the Missouri Lives on the Line campaign
A picture is worth a thousand words. Your photo will help represent the nearly 300,000 Missourians who could qualify for fully expanded Medicaid coverage. Click here to download a printable sign and instructions for participating in the Missouri Lives on the Line campaign.

Want to do even more? Consider bringing blank signs and a camera or camera phone to your next potluck. Turn this into a fun group activity to give back.  Send photos to mohealthcareforall@gmail.com

4. Tell your legislators you support Medicaid expansion
Take action right now! Share this with all your friends and family.

5. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

6. Write a letter to the editor
Frustrated with the media coverage on the new health care law? You can change the conversation by submitting a letter to the editor of your local paper.  Email mohealthcareforall@gmail.com if you need help geting started.

7. Share your story
Add your voice to help health care for all become a reality. Every story is valuable! Did you have success visiting healthcare.gov? Did you find that you fall into the Medicaid coverage gap? Have you had trouble affording your health care costs and premiums in the past? Share your story here or email us mohealthcareforall@gmail.com.

8. Get Involved!
We will need volunteers throughout the legislative session, in communities throughout the state and throughout Jefferson City. To find out about current volunteer opportunities, e-mail mohealthcareforall@gmail.com. Be sure to let us know where you live so we can let you know about local efforts.

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