Missouri Legislature Adjourns, Fails to Expand Medicaid

May 16, 2014: The Missouri Legislature has adjourned for the year without expanding Medicaid.

This failure by our elected leaders is truly shameful. Missouri will now miss out on another year of federal funding. 300,000 hard-working, uninsured Missourians will spend another year without health coverage. Many rural hospitals will remain at risk of laying off jobs or even closing. Most heartbreaking are the 700 Missourians who will die this year because they could not access health care.

Click here to read our press release: RELEASE Grassroots advocates express outrage, heartbreak, resolve as Missouri legislators fail to expand Medicaid Statewide

Make sure our legislators get the message – Missouri needs Medicaid Expansion. We will not give up the fight until it is passed.

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Despite our disappointment and frustration, one thing is clear: Grassroots efforts from supporters across the state made a difference this year:

  • Our movement’s lobby days, letters, phone calls and local actions moved many legislators from “no” to “maybe” or “yes.”
  • For the first time, Medicaid Expansion passed out of a House committee and the issue was debated briefly on the Senate floor.
  • Many legislators have moved from being completely unwilling to talk about Medicaid Expansion to being open and in favor of reforms with expansion.
  • Our story collection efforts helped put a human face on the numbers.
  • Republican legislators tell us that the “drumbeat” of grassroots support is helping to move other Republicans.

We’ll keep working until Medicaid Expansion is passed in Missouri. Please take action now.

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