The Cost of Not Expanding Medicaid

The costs of not expanding Medicaid are too high.

People in Missouri are dying because they can’t afford to go to the doctor. It’s been happening for years, and it will continue to happen until we expand access. Expanding Medicaid would save 700 lives ever year. 

Expanding Medicaid will save people like Douglas, who died at 23 of cardiac arrest while playing basketball. As a student and part-time worker, Douglas didn’t have insurance, so he ignored the chest pains for several weeks rather than going to the doctor. He left behind a beloved fiancee, a young daughter, and a bright future.

Expanding Medicaid will save people like Robert, who died at 59 of diabetes complications. Robert worked for the same company for 40 years, but when the company was bought out and then downsized, he lost hist job, and ultimately his health insurance. After successfully managing his diabetes for years, Robert lost his life to complications of the disease within a year of losing his health insurance.

Expanding Medicaid will save people like Cindy and Melanie, who both died of cancer that was diagnosed too late. Both were working but uninsured, so they put off going to the doctor. By the time their cancers were diagnosed, it was too late to save their lives. Melanie left behind a loving partner and a small business that they had built together. Cindy left behind two young adult children.

700 more people will die every year that we delay expanding Medicaid. Thousands more will continue to suffer from untreated illnesses or face financial devastation if they get sick or hurt.

Missourians cannot wait any longer for Medicaid Expansion.

Click here and tell your legislators to expand Medicaid THIS YEAR, before we lose any more precious lives. 

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  1. PLEASE rise above politics in your service on the Missouri Legislature. I am one of the fortunate people who is still alive because of health care coverage. It pains me that so many people in this state are doomed to suffer and die from treatable illnesses because they lack insurance coverage.

    PLEASE vote for expanding Medicaid coverage so that we can extend health benefits to people who haven’t enjoyed the good fortune that you and I have.

    Rhonda Holman

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