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Medicaid Expansion Information

Missouri has a chance to expand Medicaid for more than 219,000 low-income people. It's good for our state economy and will save lives. Click the button below for information on Missouri's campaign to expand Medicaid through a 2020 ballot initiative.

Pillars for a New American Health Care System

Protecting existing health care programs and protections, and expanding access through opportunities like Medicaid Expansion, are critically important for Missourians who need health care. And, there is simply no way to get to a fully-functional health care system through incremental changes. Click below to learn about our vision for a health care system that actually works for every person in Missouri. And, join our movement to help us bring this vision to reality!

Medicaid "Transformation" and the McKinsey Report

Missouri lawmakers have indicated they plan to try to "transform" Missouri's Medicaid program in 2020. "Medicaid Transformation" can be used to improve this critical program - but it could also be used to weaken the program and decrease access for program participants. In early 2019, state lawmakers received a report from McKinsey & Co. with "recommendations" on how to transform Medicaid in Missouri; this report will likely impact discussions in 2020. Click the button below for Missouri Health Care for All's analysis of the McKinsey Report.

Information About the Health Insurance Marketplace

Missourians can now shop for health insurance in the Health Insurance Marketplace, set up through the federal health reform law. Download our fact sheet about Health Insurance options:

In addition, we recommend the following sites for information about the Marketplace.

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