Health care is an important topic for people all across the state.

Browse the news archive below for the latest stories about our work and about health care issues in Missouri.

6/5/18, Joplin Globe, LTE: Missouri lawmakers put patients first 5/28/18, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, LTE: Legislature should address full problem of surprise billing 5/23/18, St. Louis-Post DispatchConsumers would get protection from surprise ER bills under measure OK'd by Missouri lawmakers 5/18/18, Springfield News-LeaderLast day of 2018 lawmaking leads to special session of Gov. Greitens 5/18/18, Press Release: MO General Assembly passes bill to stop unfair ER bills 5/14/2018, 804 Main, Affordable Care Act: 2017 saw increase in uninsured Missourians  5/10/2018, Joplin Globe, LTE: Relief could be in sight 5/10/2018, Clayton Times, Press Release: Missouri House Committee advances bill to stop unfair emergency room bills 5/10/2018, UMSL Magazine, Nursing Student Emma Spencer Fights to Better Missouri Health Care 5/2/2018, Jefferson City News Tribune, House committee hears Senate solution to Anthem situation 4/21/2018, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, LTE: Bills would kick Missourians off their health care coverage 2/28/2018, KMOV St. Louis, Proposed legislation could make ER visits less costly in Missouri   1/25/2018, Jefferson County Leader, LTE: The 'underbelly' speaks up for children's insurance 1/25/2018, Bloomberg, Trump Administration Sued Over Medicaid Overhaul 1/22/2018, Mid Rivers News-Magazine, LTE: The Right to Health Care 1/20/2018, Springfield News-Leader, LTE: Quit playing politics with children's health 1/20/2018, St. Louis Post Dispatch, LTE: Proposed Medicaid change is bad for Missouri's health  1/19/2018, St. Louis Post Dispatch, LTE: Don't base access to health care on employment status  1/15/2018, Editorial: Job requirements for Medicaid recipients won't work and might actually backfire 1/12/2018, St. Louis Post Dispatch, LTE: Health insurance market gets worse 1/5/2018, West Plains Daily Quill, LTE: Tax Bill Cover Up

10/19/2017, Jefferson County Leader, LTE: Republicans, Trump are sabotaging the Affordable Care Act

10/15/2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, LTE: Trump tries to destroy ACA through mismanagement 

10/12/2017,, Centene Only Carrier in Greene County

9/28/2017,, Missouri Democratic Party rolls out healthcare plan 

9/28/2017,, Insurance Program for Low-Income Kids Expires Saturday 

9/28/2017, Joplin Globe, Missouri Democratic Party brings health care plan to town

9/27/2017,, MO Democrats Release Healthcare Priorities 

9/23/2017, Springfield News-Leader, LTE: Health care bill is flawed

9/22/2017,, Group says ACA Repeal would be horrible for Missourians

9/21/2017, Public News Service, MO Critics of ACA Repeal Say Beware of Block Grants

9/16/2017,, Missouri Republicans want more people cut from Medicaid 

9/14/2017, KRCU, Uncertainty Over The Future of Healthcare Plagues Entrepreneurs Helped by ACA

9/11/2017, Springfield News Leader, 'Spending every dollar I get': Victims of Missouri health care cuts share stories

9/11/2017,, Missouri Lawmakers Could Haggle Over Medicaid Next Session

8/31/2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Repeal of the Affordable Care Act would devastate job market

8/14/2017, Springfield News Leader, LTE: Even conservative Missouri can expand Medicaid 

8/9/2017, Fox 4 Kansas City, 'Drive for our Lives' bus tour stops at City Hall to rally for health care

8/9/2017, KCUR 89.3, Advocates Urge Continued Pressure on Lawmakers Not to Take Away People's Health Insurance 

8/9/2017, Kansas City Star, Rallying Cry in KC: 'Let's make health care a right in this country'

8/7/2017, Springfield News Leader, LTE: Veto of 'circuit breaker' credit leads to Missouri's moral deficit 

8/2/2017,, Editorial: McCain bold if not heroic 

7/19/2017,, LTE: The golden fleece

7/2/2017, The Joplin Globe, Governors actions hit area Medicaid patients, colleges, schools

6/29/2017, Jefferson County Leader, LTE: Add Medicaid cuts to list of Trump lies

6/28/2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, LTE: Health bills are 'destructive' to those with treatable conditions

6/24/2017, The Joplin Globe, Missouri health care advocate: U.S. Senate bill a 'slow-moving catastrophe' 

6/22/2017, KOAM CBS 7, MO Budget Includes New Cost Cap for Some Home Care Resulting in Cuts of Attendant Hours

6/21/2017, The Joplin Globe, LTE: System of Care Failing 

5/6/2017, Normangee Star, Health care bill meets GOP skeptics in Senate

5/5/2017, CBS St. Louis, Anti-AHCA Demonstrators Return to Sen. Blunt's Office

5/4/2017, Ozarks First, Missourians protest health care vote

5/4/2017, KTTS 94.7FM, Springfield Groups to Rally Against ACA Repeal Bill

5/4/2017, The Joplin Globe, Southwest Missouri reacts to health care vote

5/4/2017, KTTS 94.7FM, State Leaders React to American Health Care Act

5/2/2017, Springfield News-Leader, Long is attacked, praised for opposing GOP Obamacare bill

4/17/2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, LTE: A winning compromise on Medicaid expansion 

4/12/2017, Four States Homepage, Missouri Health Care for All holds press conference in Joplin

3/26/2017, Columbia Daily Tribune, LTE: GOP health plan pulls rug out from under regular folks

3/24/2017, CBS St. Louis, Update: House GOP abruptly pulls troubled health care bill

3/24/2017, Columbia Daily Tribune, Hartzler staff meets with protesters as health care vote postponed 

3/24/2017, ABC 17 News, Locals rally in response to postponed healthcare bill vote

3/24/2017, West Plains Daily Quill, Obamacare repeal fails 

3/24/2017, CBS St. Louis, Overnight America

3/23/2017, Ozarks Public Radio, In advance of anticipated vote on AHCA, those opposed deliver message to Billy Long

3/23/2017, Springfield News-Leader, GOP health care overhaul draws protesters to Rep. Billy Long's Springfield office

3/23/2017, ABC 33, Obamacare supporters rally at Congressman's Springfield office

3/23/2017, Ozarks First, Healthcare Protest Planned in Springfield Thursday

3/23/2017, Missourian, LTE: Obamacare replacement would hurt veterans 

3/22/2017, The Joplin Globe, Update: Joplin joins "rush hour rally" to protest health care plan repeal

3/22/2017, The Joplin Globe, Joplinites join statewide protests against health care plan repeal and replacement

3/22/2017, The Joplin Globe, LTE: Loss of Coverage 

3/21/2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, How an obscure Obamacare provision is quietly saving lives, and money, in Missouri 

3/21/2017, West News-magazine, Rally draws opponents to healthcare act changes 

3/21/2017, West Plains Daily Quill, Vigil held in W.P. for affordable health care

3/20/2017, Ozark Radio News, Dozens protesting House vote on Obamacare repeal, replacement 

3/12/2017, Ozarks First, Sen. Roy Blunt Weighs in on Repeal and Replace Plans

3/12/2017, Missourian, Medicaid debate in legislature centers on financing, flexibility 

3/10/2017, Health & Wellness Magazine, Medicaid block grants in MO

3/9/2017, Columbia Daily Tribune, Health officials offer caution, concern on GOP bill

3/9/2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis Area providers aren't backing the GOP health care plan

3/8/2017, Ozarks First, Plan Proposed to Replace Affordable Care Act

3/7/2017, Public News ServiceMedicaid Cuts Would Hit Children and Seniors

3/5/2017, The Joplin Globe, LTE: Back-door Tactics 

3/4/2017, The Joplin Globe, Republicans, Democrats turn out for annual Lincoln Day

3/4/2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, LTE: Medicaid changes would affect vulnerable residents in Missouri 

3/1/2017, The Rolla Daily News, Missouri Healthcare for All visits Rolla to discuss upcoming Senate Bill

2/26/2017, Ozarks First, Protests Spark Around Springfield 

2/25/2017, Springfield News-Leader, Protesters line street as Blunt kicks off Lincoln Days event in Springfield 

2/25/2017, KY3, Protesters march for health care meeting with Blunt

2/25/2017, KSHB Kansas City, Town hall held to discuss the Affordable Care Act

2/25/2017, KSPR Springfield, Protesters march for health care meeting with Blunt

2/25/2017, West Plains Daily Quill, Missouri's 'Big Me, Little You' budget

2/24/2017, West Plains Daily Quill, LTE: Healthcare system impact

2/24/2017, The Joplin Globe, Susan Redden: Speakers' list grows for Jasper-Newton County Lincoln Days

2/23/2017, Columbia Missourian, The Affordable Care Act was flawed from the start in Missouri, but still insured thousands

2/12/2017, The Liberty Tribune, Pulling the Plug on Obamacare: Some fear an injection of reform could become an overdose on repeal

2/10/2017, St. Louis Public Radio, Medicaid block grants: cost savings or restricting health care to Missouri's poor?

2/9/2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, LTE: Greitens misdirects the blame for budget problem

2/7/2017, Missourinet, Legal experts think state lawmakers are misinformed on Medicaid proposal

2/4/2017, KTTS 94.7, Watch: Save My Care Bus Tour Stops in Springfield 

2/2/2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Greitens wants to cut spending by $572 million in budget proposal

1/31/2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Obamacare repeal through the eyes of St. Louis Area residents

1/23/2017, KSMU Ozark Public Radio, Rural Missourians to Face Unique Challenges if ACA Repealed

1/21/2017, Springfield News-Leader, More than 2,000 attend Women's march in Springfield 

1/21/2017, Columbia Daily Tribune, An uncertain future: the fate of Obamacare, and those who depend on it, is in limbo

1/18/2017, The Joplin Globe, Group rallies in support of Affordable Care Act

1/18/2017, West Plains Daily Quill, Picketers rally for Obamacare

1/18/2017, KY3, Affordable Care Act deadline draws near; many still confused about enrollment

1/17/2017, Fox KRBK, Will Obamacare cuts effect you?

1/17/2017, Ozark Radio News Network, Locals advocate for healthcare coverage during Tuesday demonstration 

1/17/2017, Springfield News-Leader, Concerned repeal Obamacare Springfield protesters rally

1/17/2017, Ozarks First, ACA Supporters Hold Protests in the Ozarks

1/17/2017, KSMU Ozark Public Radio, Rallies Calling for Congress to Keep or Replace ACA Held in Missouri Cities

1/17/2017, Ozarks First, Group Protests in Springfield Over ACA Votes by Congress

1/17/2017, KMOX Radio, Protesters Show Support for Obamacare

1/17/2017, KSDK, St. Louisans protest repeal of the Affordable Care Act

1/17/2017, Four States Homepage, Local residents hold protest for the continuance of the ACA

1/17/2017, Fox 2 St. Louis, Plans to Repeal Obamacare spark protests in Missouri

1/17/2017, KZRG, Group Protests Repeal of Obamacare

1/12/2017, Health Advocates Denounce Senate Vote to Gut ACA

1/11/2017, The Joplin Globe, LTE: Concerned about future

1/11/2016, The Missouri Times, Sater's plan to cut Medicaid costs questioned by health care groups

1/8/2017, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missourians brace for loss of health insurance as Congress moves to dismantle Obamacare


12/25/2016, Joplin Globe, Charles 'Hugh' Shields: Missouri shuns Medicaid expansion at expense of working poor

12/20/2016, Springfield News-Leader, Protesters plead for Sen. Roy Blunt to be cautious when voting to repeal Obamacare

11/4/2016, Hannibal Courier-Post, Missouri Farmers Union will host it's annual meeting Saturday in Calrence

11/4/2016, KSMU Ozark Public Radio, MSU's Religious Studies  Department Making Health a Focus in Course Offerings

11/3/2016, KSMU Ozark Public Radio, Candidates Share Views in Race for 136th House District, Contested for First Time in Years

10/25/2016, Springfield News-Leader, Medicaid expansion, Obamacare reform and PDMP databases take center stage at political events 

10/21/2016, KBIA Radio, Missouri Law Could Cost Medicaid Patients More

10/4/2016, Four States Home Page, Missouri State University will host voter registration event in Joplin on Friday

9/25/2016, The Joplin Globe, Susan Redden: Area Democrats, Republicans plan debate watch parties

9/19/2016, The Missouri Times, Release: Missouri Health Care for All to Hold Celebration of 2016 Legislative Victories 

8/27/2016, Springfield News Letter, LTE: Medicaid expansion is crucial

8/15/2016, Southeast Missourian, LTE: Medicaid impacts economy

7/16/2016, The New York Times, Insurers, Pushing for Higher Rates, Challenge Key Component of Health Law

6/29/2016, Southeast Missourian, Op-Ed: Closing Missouri's Coverage Gap

6/28/2016, The Salem News, New law expands Medicaid coverage to blind, seniors and disabled

6/18/2016, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Groups wary of statewide managed care expansion

6/10/2016, Bloomberg, Grassley Seeks IRS Answers on Non-profit Hospitals 

6/9/2016, St. Louis Public Radio, Nixon signs Medicaid expansion for Missouri's elderly and people with disabilities 

6/7/2016, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Consumer groups want transparency during final review of Aetna-Humana deal

6/6/2016, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, LTE: Expanding Medicaid would decrease emergency health care visits

6/3/2016, Houston Herald, Helping Missouri's elderly and disabled 

6/3/2016, St. Louis Public Radio, Bill sent to Gov. Nixon requires hospitals to disclose cost estimate

5/26/2016, The Joplin Globe, LTE: Everyone represented 

5/19/2016, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Carpenter from the Ozarks makes video to encourage Medicaid expansion

5/15/2016, The Joplin Globe, Dottie Elbert: Show me some support, Close the coverage gap

5/15/2016, The Joplin Globe, Susan Redden: Advocates praise passage of rate transparency measure 

5/12/2016, Webster-Kirkwood Times, LTE: Calls on legislators to expand Medicaid 

5/11/2016, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri will soon be able to review, evaluate health insurance premiums 

5/10/2016, The Missouri Times, Coalition cheers Health Insurance Rate Review bill passage

4/26/2016, The Kansas City Star, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City awards $732,000 in grants

3/29/2016, The Joplin Globe, LTE: Missourians faced with two-tier system

3/21/2016, Mid Rivers News Magazine, LTE: Expanding Medicaid makes economic sense

3/18/2016,, Demonstrators Storm the Missouri Capitol

3/18/2016, Fulton Sun, Advocates protest for Mediciad expansion

3/17/2016,, Demonstraters End Legislative Session with a March

3/17/2016, KOMU, Activists voice concerns during rally for justice at Capitol building

3/12/2016, West Plains Daily Quill, LTE: As Missouri lawmakers dawdle, uninsured working poor left to suffer

3/10/2016, Arnold-Imperial Leader, LTE: Missouri should put aside politics, expand Medicaid

3/2/2016, Dexter Statesman, LTE: Medicaid Expansion is the right answer

2/10/2016, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Charles County's event calendar for the week of Feb. 10

1/31/2016, The Joplin Globe, Andrew Whitehead: Missouri can't afford not to expand Medicaid 

1/23/2016, West Plains Daily Quill, LTE: Reader says state should expand Medicaid now

1/22/2016, The Joplin Globe, LTE: Speak up for others

1/21/2016, Jefferson County Leader, LTE Legislastors: Do what is right on health care

1/14/2016, Springfield News-Leader, LTE: Increase the funding of Medicaid in Missouri 

1/14/2016, The Missouri Times, Press Release: New Incentive to Close the Coverage Gap Creates Opportunity for Missouri 


12/14/2015, The Kansas City Star, LTE: Medicaid costs

12/9/2015, Christian County Headliner News, LTE: Republican Values don't serve Missouri

11/5/2015, Springfield News-Leader, Failure to expand Medicaid impacts thousands in Ozarks 

11/3/2015, Springfield News-Leader, LTE: Missouri should expand Medicaid 

10/5/2015, Neosho Daily News, Sherry Buchanan: Time to tackle 'coverage gap' 

7/6/2015, The St. Louis American, Deaconess Foundation grants $500k for children

7/5/2015, Columbia Daily Tribune, Trib Talk

7/1/2015, AARP Missouri, Medicaid at 50: Lifeline with Limited Reach

7/1/2015, KBIA Mid-Missouri Public Radio, Obamacare Subsidies' Impact on Rural Missouri

7/1/2015, Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City, ACA is here to stay

6/29/2015, The Missouri Times, What's next for Medicaid expansion?

6/26/2015, The Guardian, 'We are hugging and crying': Americans on Obamacare breathe a sigh of relief

6/26/2015, Public News Service, Health Care Ruling Celebrated in MO, but Fight for Coverage Continues

6/26/2015,, Hospitals Feel Pressure of Medicaid Cuts

6/26/2015, The Joplin Globe, Our View: Missouri can still do more

6/25/2015, Columbia Missourian, Photo Gallery: Crowd gathers for health care announcement 

6/25/2015, ABC 17 & Fox 22, Mid-Missourians react to ACA ruling and call for Medicaid expansion 

6/25/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Supreme Court backs key provision on health law, delivering a big victory to Obama

6/25/2015, Kansas City Star, Reactions to SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare roll in

6/25/2015, Fox 14, Marketplace experts in Joplin discuss what today's Supreme Court ruling means for those who qualify for subsidies

6/25/2015,, Supreme Court Rules Subsidies Under the ACA Legal

6/25/2015, KSMU Ozarks Public Radio, Following Court Ruling, Small Group of Health Law Supporters Rally in Springfield 

6/25/2015, KSMU Ozarks Public Radio, 'Good News' or a 'Puzzling Decision?'Missouri Officials React to ACA Ruling 

6/25/2015, KY3 Springfield, What Obamacare ruling means for Missouri

6/25/2015, Springfield News-Leader, Springfield residents celebrate health care ruling 

6/25/2015,, Health Exchange Customer, GOP React to Health Subsidy Ruling

6/25/2015,, Local Obamacare Advocates Celebrate SCOTUS Decision

6/25/2015, Springfield News-Leader, Blunt, McCaskill, Long, Hartzler react to court's Obamacare subsidy ruling 

6/25/2015, Columbia Missourian, Thousands in state retain subsidized health insurance with ruling 

6/25/2015, The Missouri Times, Obamacare survives another Court challenge

6/25/2015, Press Release: Missouri Health Care for All cheers decision in King v. Burwell

6/22/2015,, Thousands of Missourians Await Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Care Act Subsidies

6/21/2015, Kansas City Star, With ACA ruling near, health insurance for millions hangs in the balance

6/21/2015, The Christian Science Monitor, As Supreme Court weighs Obamacare, these Americans weigh their options 

6/20/2015, MSNBC, Will the Supreme Court gut Obamacare? 

6/13/2015, The Joplin Globe, U.S. Supreme Court set to decide on health care law crucial to subsidies

6/7/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Stakes are high as Supreme Court nears key Obamacare decision

6/4/2015, The Missouri Times, RELEASE: Health care advocates to hold King v. Burwell 'Decision Day' rallies statewide 

6/3/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri Legislature should approve Medicaid Expansion

5/31/2015, Springfield News-Leader, GOP turned in unproductive session 

5/14/2015, The Marshfield Mail, Webster County Democrats 

5/14/2015, News Tribune, Medicaid expansion advocates decry shameful politics

5/13/2015, Columbia Missourian, Medicaid expansion supporters end march at Capitol

5/13/2015,, Medicaid Expansion protestors rally at Capitol 

5/11/2015,, Howell County Residents Are Not Giving Up on Medicaid Expansion

5/6/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Decision looms on expanded Medicaid managed care

4/30/2015,, Exploring the Medicaid Gap

4/30/2015, The Cedar Rapids Gazette, Report cites Iowa in making case for Medicaid expansion

4/30/2015, Daily Journal Online, A few local leaders call for Medicaid expansion

4/28/2015, KDKZ 18 Farmington, Farmington Leaders Urge Action on Medicaid Expansion

4/28/2015,, Group gather to promote Medicaid expansion

4/27/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Editorial: Missouri budget debate misses the point, and $4 billion

4/27/2015, The Rolla Daily News, Senator doesn't see Medicaid expansion in MO this year

4/24/2015, The Rolla Daily News, Small group attends vigil to Support Medicaid expansion

4/24/2015, Columbia Daily Tribune, Trib Talk: Medicaid Expansion

4/20/2015, Fox 2 St. Louis, St. Charles Medicaid Expansion Press Conference

4/19/2015, The Rolla Daily News, Candlelight vigil in Rolla April 20 to urge Medicaid expansion 

4/16/2015,, Advocates Urge for Medicaid Expansion in Missouri 

4/13/2015, St. Louis Public Radio, Social advocacy groups show support for House version of Missouri budget bills

4/13/2015, KTTS 94.7FM, Group Says Senate Budget Will Hurt Thousands

4/13/2015, KSPR Springfield, Springfield non-profits discuss possible budget cuts

4/13/2015,, Leaders Speak Out Against Social Service Budget Cuts

4/13/2015, KSMU Ozarks Public Radio, "It should not be debatable": Springfield citizens and leaders oppose state budget proposal

4/13/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Advocates of Missourians with social needs decry proposed budget cuts

4/11/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, LTE: Senate Bill 51

4/5/2015, Republic MO News, LTE: Missouri House's failure to act creates financial shortfall

4/3/2015, KSMU Ozarks Public Radio, Covering the Gap: The Uphill Battle for Medicaid Expansion in Missouri 

4/3/2015, Webster-Kirkwood Times, Rally Supports Expanding Medicaid

4/1/2015, Jefferson County Leader, Obsession Dooms Medicaid Expansion 

3/31/2015, Labor Tribune, Working Missourians , activists call on state to expand Medicaid 

3/30/2015, KPLR St. Louis, Doctor Is In: The importance of vaccinations, Medicaid expansion

3/30/2015, West Plains Daily Quill, LTE: MO Legislators stance on Medicaid expansion political 

3/30/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, LTE: Onder's bill would take away affordable health insurance 

3/28/2015, The Joplin Globe, Lincoln Days rallies local GOP

3/26/2015, The Joplin Globe, Local panel advocates for Medicaid expansion

3/26/2015, The Missouri Times, Medicaid Expansion advocates look to put local pressure on lawmakers

3/25/2015,, Dozens Gather to Express Frustration Over State Lawmakers' Unwillingness to Expand Medicaid Coverage

3/25/2015, KY3 Springfield, Locals meet to urge action on Medicaid Expansion

3/24/2015, The Caldwell County News, Hundreds pack Capitol for Day of Action

3/24/2015, The Joplin Globe, LTE: Insurance coverage gap

3/23/2015, Ozarks News Journal, Medicaid Coverage

3/20/2015, MSNBC, Missouri Tackles the Affordable Cow Act

3/19/2015, St. Louis Public Radio, Spring break arrives for Missouri lawmakers; what's done and what's next

3/19/2015, ABC17, Protesters block traffic near Capitol demanding Medicaid expansion

3/19/2015, PoliticMO, As activists flood halls for Medicaid Expansion, Missouri Senate passes premium assistance for farmers

3/19/2015, Mid-Missouri Public Radio, Missouri Medicaid Coalition Rallies at Missouri Capitol

3/19/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Throngs of people seeking Medicaid expansion delay Missouri Senate debate

3/19/2015, Missourinet, Medicaid protesters delay start of Missouri Senate

3/19/2015, Springfield News-Leader, Hundreds rally for Medicaid expansion at Missouri capitol Capitol

3/19/2015, Jefferson County Leader, LTE: It saves money and helps Missourians, so expand Medicaid 

3/19/2015, Jefferson County Leader, LTE: The wimple truth: Sister Ebo is right---expand Medicaid

3/19/2015, The Joplin Globe, LTE: Medicaid expansion

3/18/2015, The Joplin Globe, Joplin residents lobbying for Medicaid expansion

3/18/2015, The Joplin Globe, LTE: Don't ignore debate

3/16/2015, St. Louis Public Radio, Health care professionals skeptical of Nixon's Medicaid Expansion proposals

3/11/2015, Springfield News-Leader, Letter: Medicaid expansion would reduce deficit, save lives

3/11/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Nixon outlines Medicaid plan, endorses work requirement

3/4/2015, Southeast Missourian, Missouri Republican wants to bar health insurance subsidies

3/4/2015, The Joplin Globe, LTE: No more excuses

3/1/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Outcome of Obamacare subsidy case could have drastic consequences for Missouri, Illinois

2/27/2015, Kirksville Daily Express, Medicaid issue critical to rural health care, expert says

2/26/2015, Joplin Independent, You're killing your constituents, say activists

2/25/2015, The Missouri Times, Medicaid advocates flood capitol with "death certificates" 

2/25/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Medicaid Expansion advocates rally at state Capitol

2/24/2015, St. Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune, Expanding Medicaid would help low-wage Missourians

2/24/2015, The Joplin Globe, Medicaid Expansion: An economic benefit 

2/23/2015,, Medicaid Expansion Unlikely This Session

2/22/2015, The Joplin Globe, Pressure growing to expand Medicaid in Missouri

2/19/2015, Joplin Independent, Voters urged to support healthcare expansion

2/17/2015, The Joplin Globe, LTE: Take the Next Step

2/16/2015, Springfield News-Leader, Letter: Moon should 'man up' on Medicaid

2/11/2015, St. Louis Review, Woman caught in Medicaid Gap fears health crisis

2/9/2015,, Marketplace Open Enrollment Deadline

2/9/2015, The Missouri Times, Medicaid Expansion advocates crowd Capitol hallways 

2/1/2015, KOMU Columbia, Missouri Medicaid Coalition raises Medicaid Gap awareness

2/1/2015, Columbia Daily Tribune, Canvassers in Columbia push for Medicaid Expansion 

2/1/2015, Southeast Missourian, Advocates make pitch in Cape neighborhoods for Medicaid Expansion 

1/31/2015, The Joplin Globe, Advocates go door-to-door Saturday on behalf of Missouri Medicaid Expansion

1/31/2015, Columbia Missourian, Missouri Medicaid Coalition canvasses neighborhoods statewide 

1/29/2015, The Missouri Times, PRESS RELEASE: Advocates of Medicaid Expansion Lead Statewide Canvasses

1/28/2015, The Joplin Globe, 209K Missourians sign up for health care on federal exchange

1/27/2015, West Plains Daily Quill, Support for expansion of Medicaid to be groups focus in canvassing neighborhoods Saturday in W.P.

1/22/2015, The Joplin Globe, Health care law carries impact for tax preparers, taxpayers

1/17/2015, Springfield News-Leader, Medicaid transformation: Its time has come

1/14/2015, Columbia Missourian, Everyone wins with Missouri HealthNet

1/13/2015, The Joplin Globe, Letter to the Editor: Irresponsible

1/13/2015, Progress Missouri, Closing the Coverage Gap is Still Like, a Big Freaking Deal

1/12/2015, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Lawmakers should advocate for health needs of all Missourians

1/7/2015, Southeast Missourian, Medicaid expansion in Missouri continues to look unlikely

1/7/2015,, Growing Coverage Gap Draws Concern for Medicaid Expansion

1/6/2015, The Joplin Globe, Joplin group rallies to encourage lawmakers to expand Medicaid 

1/6/2015, CBS KOAM, Southwest Missouri residents hold vigil for Medicaid expansion

1/6/2015,, Southwest Missouri Residents Call for Medicaid Expansion

1/6/2015, Radio KZRG, Medicaid Rally in Joplin Tuesday

1/5/2015, The Joplin Globe, Medicaid Expansion remains issue in Missouri

1/4/2015,, Lawmakers: Reforms Needed Before Medicaid is Expanded 


12/29/2014, Springfield News-Leader, Letter: 2015 wish for Medicaid expansion 

12/7/2014, Columbia Daily Tribune, Progressives work to revive political fortunes at Columbia meeting

12/4/2014, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, For a West County couple, health insurance couldn't come soon enough

12/2/2014, West Plains Daily Quill, Praise for a friend and the Affordable Care Act

11/16/2014, Springfield News-Leader,Expanding Medicaid is vital to Missouri's health

11/14/2014, St. Louis Public Radio, Missouri Under the Affordable Care Act: Where Are We?

11/14/2014, Kansas City Star, Health advocates target rural Missouri, minorities

11/12/2014, St. Louis Public Radio, Rate Review Laws Could Reduce Health Insurance Costs, Consumer Group Says

11/11/2014, Springfield News-Leader, More Choices, Higher Prices

11/11/2014, Missouri Health Care for All Press Release, Grassroots advocates react to 2015 Marketplace rates in Missouri 

11/11/2014, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Missouri consumers to pay more for health coverage next year

10/26/2014, The New York Times, A Perfect Fit for Some, but Not Others

10/12/2014, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Analysis of health plan sign-ups shows success, challenges 

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