Founding Principles

Our Full Founding Principles

Missouri Health Care for All was founded in 2007 around a set of shared principles. At their core, these principles state that every Missourian deserves access to quality, affordable health care, no matter where they live or how much money they make.

We resolve that a health care reform plan should:

  • Provide timely access to quality, affordable health care to all Missourians.
  • Assure access in all communities regardless of geography or economic base.
    Access and affordability of health care will meet the unique needs of rural communities challenged by geography and communities with high rates of poverty or unemployment. We also must ensure adequate participation of health care practitioners to meet this goal including ensuring adequate provider reimbursement throughout the system.
  • Employ both private coverage options and public insurance programs including Medicaid.
    We must protect the health care of those traditionally covered by public insurance programs including seniors, low income individuals, children and people with disabilities. In addition, we must expand coverage to everyone, including those with pre-existing conditions.
  • Achieve fair and efficient financing.
    Financing health care for all Missourians will include fair contributions from individuals, businesses, and public resources. The community will explore revenue sources that other states have successfully used to expand healthcare. Wise stewardship of our resources is critical in financing health care for all.
  • As a plan is developed to provide health care to all Missourians, it must:
    • Truly reflect the diversity of our communities working in active partnership to overcome racial and ethnic disparities.
    • Ensure meaningful public input into each step of developing the plan, including public meetings and hearings and meaningful engagement of consumers, front-line healthcare workers, advocates, health care providers, businesses, and state officials.
    • Be based on best practices that have proved effective in providing affordable, high quality, comprehensive health care, including wellness education, preventive care and mental health parity.
    • Be subject to annual review and evaluation of the impact on the uninsured, the health care system and individuals who are insured under the new plan.
Board and Staff

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In April 2007, a group of faith and community leaders met to hear Vinny DeMarco of the Maryland Health Care for All Coalition.


Missouri Health Care for All has numerous accomplishments in both grassroots organizing and public policy since 2013.

Endorsing Organizations

More than 160 organizations statewide have joined the Missouri Health Care for All movement by endorsing our principle.


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