Building a Movement

We’ve all heard the stories. Working parents who can’t afford to see a doctor. Senior citizens cutting their prescribed pills in half. Families forced to choose between filling their gas tank or filling their prescriptions. Doctors who can’t treat their cancer patient as they see best because the insurance company denied payment.

These stories shouldn’t be true in Missouri. Throughout the state, Missourians are speaking out for health reform in the belief that every person deserves guaranteed, affordable health care. Health care that provides real and meaningful choices so we can make responsible life decisions. Missouri Health Care for All is bringing us together.

We are breaking down the barriers that divide us. We are educating ourselves about the challenges and the possible solutions. We are building a grassroots coalition that allows the voice of Missourians to rise above the powerful influence of well-paid industry lobbyists.

This work requires trust, patience and a belief that together we can create change.  Please join us.  Be one of the many individuals, organizations, and faith groups that will bring  accessible, affordable, quality health care choices to all of Missouri.