Who We Are

Missouri Health Care for All is the only permanent, statewide organization in Missouri focused solely on grassroots mobilization on health care issues. We provide individual and organizational supporters with meaningful, effective ways to take action.

Missouri Health Care for All was founded by faith and community leaders who saw the needs of people with inadequate access to health care. Despite major progress made over the last few years, too many hardworking people are still unable to access the care they need. Too many families are devastated by medical debt or heartbreaking loss because their loved ones were uninsured when they got sick.

Now, elected officials are considering legislation that would make access to health care even worse, by cutting programs and protections that keep Missourians healthy.

Missouri Health Care for All works to bring together people from all across the state who care about access to health care. We believe health care is not a partisan issue, and it is not an urban/rural issue. It is an issue that affects all of us. Please join us.

Organization Snapshot

  • Non-profit, non-partisan, 501(c)(3) organization founded by faith and community leaders
  • Dedicated to the principle that every Missourian deserves access to quality, affordable health care
  • Nearly 16,000 individual members
  • More than 200 participating organizations
  • Diverse, statewide Board of Directors
  • 6 full-time employees
  • Active in St. Louis, Jefferson County, St. Charles County, Springfield, Joplin, Jefferson City, Columbia, Rolla, Kansas City, and Southeast Missouri
  • We do not provide health care services or benefit financially from the policies we support
Board and Staff

View a list of our current board members and our organization's statewide staff.

Founding Principles

Every Missourian deserves access to quality, affordable health care, no matter where they live or how much money they make.


In April 2007, a group of faith and community leaders met to hear Vinny DeMarco of the Maryland Health Care for All Coalition.

Endorsing Organizations

More than 160 organizations statewide have joined the Missouri Health Care for All movement by endorsing our principle.