Tell Your Legislators: Junk Plans Are Bad for Missouri


  1. This bill is quite frankly a load of corpratist garbage. Before a single Republican in Jefferson City so much as thinks about uttering the word “healthcare,” they first need to speak the following phrase aloud until they’ve memorized it, as if it were a Bible passage or Ayn Rand quote: “Medicaid expansion is necessary for the poverty-stricken district I represent.”

    My family is working poor, not technically In Poverty but you couldn’t tell the difference without auditing us. My wife and I both work full-time jobs. We contribute, but we can’t afford to pay for American-style medicine, so we avoid doctors. We are quite likely eligible for Medicaid under Mr. Obama’s signature healthcare law, but we live in a backwards part of the Earth where so-called Common Sense says that we working poor are lazy & should suffer, no matter the ultimate cost on your civilization.

    I use the term Civilization loosely when speaking of your jurisdiction, since many folks wouldn’t recognize this area as being terribly civilized. Texas County has no official dump, so illegal dumps are a real issue while the illegal aliens are literally just armadillos. The roads aren’t really roads if you have to keep putting it in first gear to creep through the bumps; I call them paths or trails. There’s no cellphone service here on the savannahs, so don’t bother asking me for my cell number ’cause I ain’t gone none. High speed internet is too a biggie since I work from home, but my 12 year old son is flat ready to move to civilization ever since he tasted the sweet umami of playing his xBox One online against other actual humans. Now the xBox is at Grandpa’s house next to the highway where the big fiberoptic cable runs. Every other weekend he gets to play against his friends who are lucky enough to both own an xBox One and also live next to a big fiberoptic cable.

    I have paid federal taxes for years so that folks like my wife and I can receive Medicaid, not because I want War or Wall or Farmers or Firemen or Police or Abortionspeak. It’s high time my family receives the Medicaid we pay taxes for.

    I intend to sell this rural farm and move my wife and son to Colorado, where more civilized folk are in control of the statehouse. I hate to sell the homestead that I was born on, but I’m not going to continue tolerating such nonstop ultra-corpratism from my representatives in government.

    Tim Blaker
  2. Dear Sen Eigel
    I am a Pediatrician who has practiced in Missouri for 36 years, 29 of those in St Charles. I am strongly opposed to “junk” short term inadequate insurance policies that discriminate based on pre-existing conditions, and whose terms are misleading to the public. I urge our Missouri legislators to take action to ban these types of policies, and certainly in no way to encourage them.
    Dr Thomas J Harrison, Jr. MD

    Dr Thomas J Harrison, Jr, MD

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