Senate defeats “partial repeal” proposal

Wednesday, July 26, 3:30 pm

This afternoon, the U.S. Senate voted on the second of its Affordable Care Act “repeal” proposals. As expected, the vote failed.

The proposal defeated today goes by many names – “partial repeal,” “full repeal,” “repeal and delay,” “repeal and don’t replace.” It would have rolled back much of the Affordable Care Act without any kind of replacement, leading to 32 million Americans losing their insurance.

The final vote was 55 no to 45 yes. Seven Republican Senators joined all 48 Democrat Senators in voting no.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt (R) voted yes, while Senator Claire McCaskill (D) voted no.

We expect debate and voting on health care bills to continue through the end of this week. We continue to hear that the Senate may move soon to voting on a so-called “Skinny Repeal” amendment. Health care supporters should not be fooled – while the “skinny repeal” proposal may look like a less ambitious roll-back of the ACA (though still resulting in loss of coverage for 15 million people), it is actually a Trojan horse. The entire goal of so-called “skinny repeal” to pass something (anything!) out of the Senate so that Senator McConnell and Representative Ryan can begin closed door negotiations on a bill both the House and Senate will then be asked to adopt.

Keep making those calls and telling our Senators to vote NO on any kind of ACA repeal!


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