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Cut away the politics and health care is about real people’s lives. Missouri Health Care for All collects stories from real Missourians who are affected by the health policy issues facing our state.

2015 Story Collection:

During the 2015 Missouri Legislative Session, we compiled the stories of real Missourians to share with our legislators in Jefferson City.

We shared the story of LaDonna and Tom. Their Marketplace plan has saved them from financial disaster.  LaDonna was diagnosed with breast cancer and Tom had surgery on his hand shortly after the new policy went into effect. “To say that the Marketplace was a lifesaver for us would be an understatement.”

We also shared the story of Arielle, who survived the devastating Joplin tornado. Arielle is working part-time, going to school full-time, while care for her two young sons – one who has severe disabilities and autism. Medical coverage through Medicaid Expansion would give Arielle security and peace of mind as she works hard for a good education to provide for her family.

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  1. I did not realize that they were trying to require people to have a job. What would they propose for counties without adequate job opportunities i.e. Cedar County? We are over an hour from anything. Would they support programs that would help people actually get jobs even if the jobs do not exist?

    1. Hi Sarah, it’s true that Rep. Torpey’s bill, HB 1901, currently has language in it stating that people must show “proof of workforce participation.” We are very concerned about this language – not only would it keep people from getting coverage they need, it is extremely unlikely to be approved by the federal government. We testified at the committee hearing on March 10 with this information, and are continuing to have conversations with legislators.

      If you have time, it would be great for you to reach out to Rep. Noel Torpey (the bill sponsor) and Rep. Jay Barnes (the committee chair) and let them know about these concerns as well. Rep. Barnes is at 573-751-2412 or and Rep. Torpey is at 573-751-3623 or

      Thank you!

      Jen Bersdale, Executive Director


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