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The Senate Finance Committee will be holding a hearing on the Graham-Cassidy bill on Monday, September 25 at 1 pm Central Time. This bill would do tremendous damage to our health care system. We need to fill the hearing record with strong statements of opposition.

Please send letters, testimony, video links, photos, and stories illustrating why you oppose the Graham-Cassidy bill to Be sure to do so by 12:00 noon on Monday Central Time!

Once you’ve sent your message, please forward it to Jackie so we can track our impact!


  1. The Graham-Cassidy bill will hurt millions of people, not just the 32 million who will lose health care, but others, like my daughter, who can’t afford insurance of any type, and who works as much as she can. Missouri didn’t expand Medicaid and that was her only hope. To decimate Medicaid like the Graham-Cassidy bill would do, will hurt millions of Americans, including millions of elderly who depend on Medicaid for their end-of-life homes. It is an extremely shameful bill, based SOLELY on specious political promises, not based on helping AMERICANS!

    Billie Derham
  2. Living in Missouri with the GOP MO legislation’s majority ruling party’s refusal these past years to expand Medicaid through the ACA coupled with the introduction of the Graham Cassidy Bill, it must not go forward because of my youngest child. In April of 2010 my son was diagnosed with brain cancer having a baseball sized malignant tumor on his Pituitary Gland that needed immediate surgery. Years prior my son had dozens of tests, scans, and MRI’s. The tumor was so small and undetectable for years until that fateful day. If it wasn’t for MO Medicaid I would never of had health care insurance for my children after losing my job. Having MO Medicaid, and God’s intervention of course, saved my son’s life! I’m thankful to say he is a six year plus survivor to date. With ten months of chemo and radiation to get him cancer free he still needs continued monitoring, blood work, preventive screenings, etc. When my children first started MO Medicaid I did have to pay a monthly premium. After the ACA was passed I did not have to pay a premium anymore which was another blessing because of my fixed income. Soon after GOP controlled Leg. changed it back to costly premiums. With the majority party’s continued refusal to expand MO Medicaid through the ACA and now with the introduction of the GCB consequences are far reaching. As a parent and a Missourian I’m fearful that the GCB will limit funding for life saving resources like MO Medicaid and access to Federal funding in case of natural disasters, disease outbreaks, etc. The ACA has continued to allow my brain cancer surviving son to receive all necessary services premium and copay free, but not premiums now, because of GOP the MO Leg.

    Richard Green
  3. This is not the way to go. Our Republican Party is selling out AGAIN……this bill is irresponsible and all the talk about fiscal responsibility is just fake news . This bill will disenfranchise many Missourians even more . We should work with the Dems or whoever and fix the current Obamacare… rename it and grow up!

    Carole Mcarthur
  4. As a physician caring for indigent patients, I see the devastation caused by lack of access to medical care. The graham Cassidy Bill will exacerbate the terrible situation we have in MO where Medicaid expansion was rejected. We cannot expect that the Missouri legislature will be able or willing to utilize any funds they might receive in a reasonable or compassionate manner that will fulfill the health care needs of Missourians.
    This bill should be rejected for numerous reasons to avoid additional damage to our already inadequate, wasteful and unjust system.

    William Fogarty, MD
  5. I am sick of contacting Roy Blunt when I know he doesn’t care what I think and he doesn’t care about the people of Missouri or he wouldn’t be trying to pass this bill. And I don’t think the majority of Republicans care about us either.
    We need more medical coverage, not less. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: We would be happy to have the same medical coverage Congress has. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us.

    Linda Whitley

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