1. Senators I’m from Missouri. Please don’t gut Medicaid and Medicare. I am disable and I really need it. Please don’t make it unaffordable for disabled and the elderly. I am already having a hard time paying for my insulin. I can’t afford it and I can’t live without it. Thank you

  2. My 13 year old son, a bright boy who deserves a future, but happens to live with type 1 diabetes relies on the medication he receives through MEDICAID to live! How can we possibly be considering cutting people’s health care when nevermind allowing them to live happy and healthy lives, for many of us this comes down to life and death. Life is hard enough for people who are disabled and sick. In a wealthy country such as ours cutting health care is a disgrace!!! Shame on any politician who betrays the basic needs of our citizens for special interests and party lines.

  3. I also have diabetes, for more than 52 years now, and I am very lucky to have medical insurance through my employer. I would be in trouble if I lost my job and couldn’t replace it with another one that also provides health insurance. I always have viewed the social safety net as a potential lifesaver for my health care should I need it.

    Donnell Sutherland
  4. Please do not make cuts to Medicaid or Medicare. So many people need this help. We need all Americans to be able to get health care, not just insurance because many people can’t afford even the cheapest plan. We need MEDICARE FOR ALL in the USA. Please stop playing these political games with peoples’ lives.

    Billie Derham
  5. I am a Missouri voter. I work in the healthcare field in remote south central Missouri where the average income for a family of four is approximately $16,000 per year. Crunch the numbers: that amounts to $333.33 per person per month or $83.33 per week per person. Access to Healthcare is not a privilege, it is just, unprejudiced, open-minded, nonpartisan, and a human right! ALL Americans must have available health care, yet far too many people will not have access to care without help. Please continue to push through to save access to healthcare in Missouri. Do not agree to anything that compromises Missouri, USA Healthcare for ALL.

    Pamela Elledge
  6. Please reject this horrible new “healthcare” bill!!! We want to ease the suffering of seniors and low income folks not cause them more harm! Help us – don’t hurt us!!!
    Thank you,
    Candace Adams

    Candace Adams

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