Invest in Missouri's Health Care Movement!

After years of actively rejecting expansion of Medicaid, the voters of Missouri – during this deadly pandemic no less - passed a ballot measure to ensure their fellow residents were guaranteed health insurance. To think that our State leaders would actively and eagerly refuse to fulfill their constitutional duties and expand Medicaid to the Missourians they are supposed to protect is unconscionable.

You can hold them accountable. You can help more than 275,000 Missourians gain access to health care.

Your tax-deductible contribution will fuel our advocacy to ensure Missouri fully funds what is now constitutionally guaranteed: an expansion of Medicaid. Our work includes policy leadership and grassroots organizing around the state - and online - to mobilize citizens and raise the moral call for access to health care. 

Our health care movement proved resilient during this Covid-19 pandemic, and together we demonstrated that we have the collective knowledge, the vision, and the power to stop bad policies and advance good ones. We continue this progress by all of us pitching in where we can. By investing in Missouri Health Care for All, you will move this important work forward.

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