Dangerous Medicaid Fees Vetoed!

On Tuesday, July 5th, Governor Nixon vetoed SB608, a dangerous bill that sought to penalize Medicaid patients with unaffordable co-pays for using the Emergency Room.

We echo Governor Nixon’s sentiments that “Senate Bill 608 would needlessly punish our state’s most vulnerable citizens without improving access to care or bringing Missourians’ tax dollars back to Missouri.”

Research shows that charging co-pays in Medicaid leads people to skip the care they need.

SB608 would have added burdens to Missouri’s struggling families, who would have found it harder and more expensive to get health care.

Vetoing SB608 sends a strong message that adding barriers to Missouri families who are already struggling is not the way to increase access to health care.

Governor Nixon went on to emphasize the need to close Missouri’s Coverage Gap for our 300,000 uninsured neighbors rather than “gouging the poor while continuing to send our tax dollars to other states.”

Read Governor Nixon’s full statement on the veto herehttp://on.mo.gov/29oh1z


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