Breaking News! Two committee victories in one day!

Fantastic news! Two of Missouri Health Care for All’s top priorities – Rate Review and Raising Asset Limits – passed out of committee this morning.

Rate Review passed through the House Insurance Committee on Wednesday, April 13th- with unanimous support – and passed through the House Select Committee on Insurance the following morning – also with unanimous support. This paves the way for Rate Review to move to the House floor for a vote, and create health insurance rate review in Missouri, giving Missouri consumers the same transparency in health insurance enjoyed by citizens in every other U.S. state.

Please send a personal email to thank the following committee members for their support of Rate Review:

Rep. Kevin Engler,
Rep. Rebecca Roeber,
Rep. Margo McNeil,
Rep. Bob Burns,
Rep. J. Eggleston,
Rep. Keith English,
Rep. Jim Hansen,
Rep. Steve Lynch,
Rep. Becky Ruth,
Rep. Noel Shull,
Rep. John Wiemann, 
Rep. Lynn Morris, 
Rep. Robert Cornejo,
Rep. Justin Hill,
Rep. Kip Kendrick, 
Rep. Gina Mitten,
Rep. Bill White, 

Raising Asset Limits passed through the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs and Health this morning – with unanimous support. HB1565 passed the House with overwhelming support in late February. This bill will raise Missouri’s dismally low asset limits so that people with disabilities can save for basic expenses like home and car repairs without losing their Medicaid coverage. HB1565 will now move to the Senate floor for a vote.

Personal email thanking the following committee members for supporting Raising Asset Limits.

Sen. Dan Brown,
Sen. Rob Schaff,
Sen. Mike Cunningham,
Sen. Bob Onder,
Sen. David Sater,
Sen. Eric Schmitt,
Sen. Ryan Silvey,
Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal,
Sen. Jill Schupp,
Sen. Scott Sifton,

Please take a moment to celebrate these great victories.

Be sure to join us on Tuesday, April 19th for our Lobby Day and your opportunity to thank these committee members in person, and talk to your elected officials about important health policy.  RSVP here or email


  1. Thank you helping to move Missouri forward on these important issues. Sometimes this state just makes me embarrassed because we seem to be moving backwards. I want to thank you for standing up and making a stand for consumers and veterans.

    Brian Joye

    Brian Joye
  2. we all (according to these remarks) still do not get the picture…we as American citizens do not count…the Senate and House members are saving their own butts…they do not care about the average man/women/child in the U.S.A…they get their perks ,which they vote for themselves,we bitch ,but do not do anything to show our disgust,we lose our weekends/tv gat.a/vscations…emhen we may ALL wake up and get these bastards and bitches out of office….till then …we screw ourselves…


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