Structural Racism is a Public Health Crisis

We believe Black Lives Matter.

We believe structural racism is a public health crisis.

We condemn brutality perpetrated against people of color.

We support the First Amendment right of all people to protest against injustice, and oppose violent police action against protestors.

We know there will never be “health care for all” without eliminating the racism that is woven into the very fabric of our health care system.

Stop the Medicaid Purge

Since 2018, 96,000 Missourians have lost their Medicaid coverage: despite still qualifying for the program. Over 70% of those dropped are children. Governor Parson’s administration implemented a new system that is forcing eligible Medicaid recipients to be dropped from the rolls. We must call upon Gov. Parson to correct this grave mistake by re-enrolling all who unjustly lost their health coverage.