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About the Issue:

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What is the Coverage Gap?

In Missouri, people who don’t get health insurance through a job have two major ways to get health insurance: Low-income people can get insurance through Medicaid, and moderate-income people can get help paying for insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

However, eligibility for Medicaid is so low in Missouri that there are hundreds of thousands of people who don’t qualify for either program. They are in the Coverage Gap—too rich for Medicaid, but too poor for the Marketplace—with no way to get affordable insurance.

Right now, a family of three can make no more than $301 a month – about $10 a day – for the parents to qualify for Medicaid. However, this same family of three must make at least $1,650 a month to qualify for discounts in the Marketplace.

What Can Missouri Do to Close the Coverage Gap?

Missouri can accept federal funds that have been set aside for our state to help uninsured people get health insurance through Medicaid.

Who Benefits if Missouri Closes the Coverage Gap?

Closing the coverage gap will help 300,000 Missourians, most of whom are working, but whose jobs don’t provide insurance.

It will help Jamie, a Potosi mom who is working three jobs while she finishes her bachelor’s degree, but who is unable to get health care for injuries sustained in an abusive marriage.

It will also help Bertha, a home health care aide in Iron County who recently adopted her teenaged grandson. Bertha’s husband and grandson have insurance, but Bertha is uninsured, and has trouble affording her diabetes medicine.

And in Joplin, it will help Bert, who lost his health insurance when his company downsized. Bert’s long career in labor-intensive jobs have left him with chronic back, knee and hip issues that cost hundreds of dollars a month to treat. Bert is struggling to afford these expenses while he searches for a new job.

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Can We Afford to Close the Coverage Gap?

Yes. The Federal Government will pay 90% of the costs of closing the coverage gap. The State of Missouri will save
millions of dollars in current programs, making it a win for the state’s budget. Accepting the federal funds set aside for Missouri brings Missouri tax dollars back to the state, protects Missouri hospitals, and will save and create 24,000 jobs. In addition, when people have health insurance, they can access affordable preventive care, which can prevent costly emergency room visits later.

What Can I Do?

Tell your state legislators you want them to Close the Coverage Gap and Expand Medicaid. You can start by signing calling 1-800-980-4407 to be connected to your State Senator and sign the petition at

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